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      Bartleson advanced from the line: "By section!" he called, "right wheel--"II thought I saw her pass this way, he said.

      You dont care where you go? asked Lilias in a muffled voice. It is difficult to speak distinctly with your face half hidden against a gentlemans breast.

      The men glanced at him from time to time as he leaned back in his tilted chair and read and tore up his letters with languid impassiveness; and Taffy, rousing from a peaceful slumber, got up and drifted across the room to him, and now quite sober, looked down at him sheepishly.

      How blind men are! Do you think that, with all her innocence, she is ignorant of the worth of a dukedom? No girl out of her teens can be. But I beg your pardon; I would not dispel the delusion.


      And Esmeraldathis lady? asked Trafford, with a tightening of the lips.


      I must tell you all about our scheme for making a watering-place of the bay, my dear, he said. It had come to my dear, instead of Miss Chetwynde, already. I will come into the drawing-room for a little while, and you must tell me about that queer place, Five StarsThree Stars. How amusing it must have been! You must have enjoyed your visit there immensely. He had quite failed to grasp the fact that she had been brought up in a diggers camp.Her touch brought back his lighter mood and he told the happy thought--project--which had come to him while they talked with the jeweller. He could himself "do the job," he said, "roughly but well enough." Anna smiled at the fanciful scheme. Yet--yes, its oddity was in its favor. So many such devices were succeeding, some of them to the vast advantage of the Southern cause.


      "Ole mahs' love' wine, ole mis' love' silk,