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      In the autumn Reuben bought ten more acres of Boarzella better piece of land than the first, more sheltered, with more clay in the soil. Hops would do well on the lower part of it down by the brook.

      "Johnny, it's all over, we've lost, it's finished. Johnny, come with me.""If you'd asked me after the Fair, lad, I might have been able to let you have a shillun or two. But this time o' year, I'm as poor as you are."

      When he had reached the master, the master said: "Sit down." He looked strange, Cadnan realized, though he could not tell exactly how.

      "Don't bother me with it." Albin's voice was suddenly less sure.

      The younger men had fun.

      "Yes," said Lieut. Bowersox, only too glad of the opportunity. "I saw it all. Gallant a thing as was ever done. Simply magnificent. Thrills me to think about it. I tell you that fellow's a soldier all the way through.


      And if you were going to use Alberts at all, Albin thought, you sure as hell had to train them. God alone knew what harm they could do, left alone in a wilderness of delicate machinery without any instructions.


      There must be something we can dobut we're going to have to devote more thought to the whole matter first.


      "You don't seem to have a clear idea of numbers. How many regiments have you got over there?""Yes, Where's Monty?" echoed Si, with a little chill at his heart, for he had not remembered seeing the boy since they emerged from the abatis, just before the final rush.